Smart Village is ready to radically change your digital living experience. Stand by for unprecedented speed, reliability and access to everything the world of internet can offer.

Enjoy lightning fast downloads, live HD sports, seamless telephony and anything else you might want.

And with Smart Village’s unlimited internet capability, you can forget any lag time when your whole household gets busy online.

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Our Track Record

Fibre Networks
Network Uptime
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Fault Resolution

Future-proof technology

You’ll never have to install another internet line again. Smart Village network is designed for emerging technologies.

Constant connectivity

Smart Village delivers the most dependable fibre optic internet available.

Maximum performance

You get what you pay for. The best experience, all the time.

Friendly support

We deliver customer service that you would be satisfied with, and that we would be proud of.

Call us at 0861 845 5243 or email